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Initial consultation $20.00 for 15 minutes.

Follow up starts at $25.00.

The cost for the work following will vary.

Phone Consultations

Send an email and Mama Izzy will reply. You will then set up a time.

Cost $30.00 for a half an hour.

Personalized Oil

Mama Izzy will make you your very own oil specific to your needs.

Cost $15.00


This involves a face to face meeting. We will spend about an hour removing blocks and clearing your condition. This is a "hands on cleansing". Mama Izzy will decide on a case by case basis who she does this for. Cost $100.00

Candleburning Services

Mama Izzy will prepare a candle and burn it for you. The candle will be blessed and prayed over for the necessary length of time. You will receive a photo of your candle via email so that you can see the work that is being done. Contact Mama Izzy by email through this site and together you and Mama Izzy will decide the best option for you.

Cost $30.00

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