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Community at The Conjure Shop

Community at The Conjure Shop.

Since opening The Conjure Shop I have had come to the conclusion that I was bringing more to Omaha than just a great shop, I was going to be filling a need that has been missing. Community! It just seems that it has been awhile since people have gathered at a place. I am not talking about running into each other when you go to pick incense or a candle, I am talking about meeting at a place to visit and spend a bit of time with each other. I don't know if it is not being welcome or just that we have been lacking the place to do it. I am so ready to be on this journey and provide quality products at a great price and a place that welcomes you to come and stay a bit!!!

Come on by The Conjure Shop at 809 1/2 s 75 street in Omaha Ne. We are located behind Liquid Courage Tattoo. Says River City above the door.

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