Mama Izzy's Hoodoo - Curios & Other Curious Things - Omaha, NE
Mama Izzy's Hoodoo - Rootwork, Oils, & Spellkits
Railroad Spike
Railroad spikes are used to "nail things down". Comes with a piece of parchment paper to drive into the ground with your spike.
Price: $8.00
Lucky Bone
Raccoon penis bone used for luck in games of chance and for fertility.
Price: $4.00
Jobs Tears
Carry 7 of these until your wish comes true. Comes with small bag.
Price: $5.00
Snake Sheds
Used for protection and shedding of negativity or ones past.
Price: $5.00
Brick Dust
Brick Dust is used for protection. Lay a line down and anyone who means you harm cannot cross it.
Price: $4.98
Graveyard Dirt
Graveyard dirt is used for enemy work and Ancestor work. This dirt has been collected respectfully with offerings made.
Price: $4.98
Goofer Dust
Goofer Dust is used in enemy work.
Price: $4.98
Brick Dust, Graveyard Dirt, and Goofer Dust 3 pack
Get all three of these for all of your work!
Price: $13.98
Alligator Foot
Used into work that has to do with gambling. When you gotta grab onto what is yours!
Price: $3.00
Coffin Nails
9 in a package. To cause someone to get away, to sicken, or to die.
Price: $3.00
Florida Water
Use the Florida Water Cologne for cleansings, good luck and protection. Murray & Lanman's Florida Water Cologne has both spiritual and practical purposes. 7.5 ounce in glass
Price: $6.50
Florida Water
16 ounce
Price: $11.00
Florida Water Soap
Great for cleansing in the bath.
Price: $3.00
Florida Water Room Spray
great to freshen up a space, clean a space and lift the energy.
Price: $6.50
Jackpot Money Soap
Use this when you want to play games of chance. Also this is a great way to cleanse any negativity away that is attached to money.
Price: $3.00
Rose Soap
Love is in the air! Use this lovely smelling soap everyday.
Price: $3.00
Ruda Soap (rue)
Money and protection!!!
Price: $3.00
This is a page of unusual tools and items to be used in your conjure work. All of the animal curios were obtained under legal and humane circumstances!! We make no magical claims for any of the curios, they are sold as curios only! 
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