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Workin the Root
Are you ready to learn how truly seasoned and experienced conjure workers of the past and present "work both hands" to overcome mountains keeping you from reaching your peak of success? Then Momma Starr’s "The Conjure Workbook Volume I - Working the Root" is the remedy for your daily ailments. If you are ready to draw total success into your life that can’t be knocked down then "The Conjure Workbook" is for you.
Price: $19.95
Workin with the Bible
Learn the importance of the Bible in conjure work!
Price: $24.95
Spiritual Cleansing
Learn cleansing the Momma Starr way!
Price: $24.95
Hoodoo Money Conjure
Hoodoo Money Conjure Book Hoodoo Money Conjure is a how to, honest to God hands on working book, step by step guide on how to get started and how to do the work.
Price: $20.00
Old Style Conjure Candle Burning
In this special book Momma Starr sheds light on how to work with candles, lamps, and the different works you can do by working with the Spirit of the flame.
Price: $24.95
Readin Dem Conjure Bones
Momma Starr tells us how she reads the bones!!
Price: $20.00
Blackhawk Book
This book is over 100 pages filled with information on how to work with Blackhawk.
Price: $24.95
Oliver's Key by Nicki Mcdermott
When Oliver, a twelve-year-old boy who lives above his family’s bookstore, finds a key, his whole life changes. He is chosen to take a journey that he has only read about in the books he loves so much. Go along with him as he meets the friends that will help him on his way from being an average kid to a brave young man. He will face the hardest choices he will ever have to make in life and learn what it is like to be the “main character” in his own story. So much depends on Oliver and his key!
Price: $11.95

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