Mama Izzy's Hoodoo - Bath Pearls - Omaha, NE
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Bath Pearls
We do not make spiritual claims on any of these products. Sold for use with your intentions!

Love Bath Pearls
Use one a day in the bath for drawing love into your life.
Price: $7.00
Passion Bath Pearls
Use one of these in your bath everyday for a week to bring passion into your life!
Price: $7.00
Perfect Health Bath Pearls
Bathe daily with one of these for strength and good health!
Price: $7.00
More Money Bath Pearls
Bring more money into your life by using these in your bath.
Price: $7.00
Psychic Protection
Protect yourself from those who are harmful to you.
Price: $7.00
Road Opener Bath Pearls
Stop things from getting in your way!
Price: $7.00
Win Court Case
Use these a week before your court case to help things go in your favor!
Price: $7.00
Every pack of bath pearls has enough for one week of daily bathing with pearls that have been blessed by Mama Izzy.
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